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High performance PETG filament for FFF 3d printing.
High impact resistance, similar to that of ABS.
Improved diametral stability + - 0.03 mm.
Low warping effect & No need hot bed.
Suitable for food use.
Vacuum packed with desiccant material and packaged in anti-stress box.

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The best of PLA and ABS: PETG Tech is a revolutionary filament that combines the best properties of PLA and ABS.

High resistance: PETG Tech printed parts are comparable to those of ABS in strength and toughness. It is more flexible and soft than the PLA and the adhesion between layers is superior allowing to print extraordinarily durable pieces.

Low warping: PETG Tech thermodilation is low allowing the printing of large volumes without warping effect. It can be printed without the need for a warm bed but for the printing of large pieces it is recommended to use it at a temperature of 75 degrees.

Low hygroscopy: Unlike other materials, PETG does not absorb moisture and its conservation requirements are less demanding. It is also the ideal plastic to be used in environments with high relative humidity.

Food use: PETG Tech stands out as an FDA approved plastic for food use. Therefore it is the recommended option for the manufacture of packaging and other objects that will be in contact with food for human consumption.

100% recyclable: PETG Tech is a 100% recyclable plastic widely used in the food industry for the manufacture of packaging.

Suitable for outdoors: Its extraordinary mechanical and chemical properties make it the best option for outdoor and outdoor objects.

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