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Ingeo 870+ filament for FFF 3d printers.
Improved diametral stability + - 0.03 mm.
Selected dyes to maintain its properties.
Manufactured from 100% virgin PLA pellet of USA and CE origin.
Vacuum packed with desiccant material and packaged in anti-stress box.
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The new Ingeo 870+ incorporates the latest advances in 3D filament manufacturing, so its dimensional stability is maximum and the variation in the minimum diameter with a tolerance of 0.03 / 0.05 mm. It also coils with Optiroll NexGen technology that guarantees a continuous spinning without knots, facilitating a constant and smooth feeding of the extruder.
Only 100% virgin pellets of Ingeo 850+ origin USA and CE are used for the manufacture of this filament. The dyes used have been specially selected so that the colors retain their properties after printing.
Minimum deformation below HDT 80-90 ° C.
Low thermal contraction. It does not produce warping.
Thermal and mechanical resistance superior to ABS
After being extruded, the Ingeo 850+ from FFF world is subjected to a process called DryX2. It is a redundant drying method in which the filament passes through two drying chambers to completely remove moisture. This thorough dehumidification guarantees the absence of bubbles that affect the printing and the consistency of the filament. Once dry it is vacuum packed with desiccant material.
It is packaged in a special anti-stress box that protects it during transport and isolates it from light. It is then stored at constant temperature and humidity until it is sent to our customers.
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