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Baobab is a filament for 3D printing that contains real wood to get pieces with a different and unique finish. A thermoplastic polymer is used to which wood particles are added, achieving an extrudable material but with a realistic wood appearance.
  • Wood

Similar to wood in sight, touch and smell: The pieces printed with Baobab have organoleptic characteristics similar to wood, since it contains a high percentage of it. Visually it has the characteristic color of wood and different shades can be achieved by varying the printing temperature. To the touch the pieces are rough and when printed gives off a characteristic smell of wood.

Easy to print: Baobab is designed to be easy to print and be compatible with most printers. It is a filament without warping, which does not produce jams and easily sticks to the printing surface.

Ideal for decorative pieces: Due to its elegant and realistic finish, it is perfect for printing decorative pieces. Print your favorite designs with Baobab and let yourself be surprised with its authentic wood look.

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